24-Hour Escape into the Wilderness 

Rishikesh is the city that Enchants & Overwhelms at the same time!’

Travelling is a beautiful feeling. And the best trips are the Unplanned ones. I’m developing more and more pleasure & compassion with the journey rather than the destination. I took a beautiful getaway to rishikesh, Recently. The mystical Environment of this place will give you the feeling of inner peace, just by being there & breathing the city. The holy river Ganga, the Priests, the Yoga, the Foreign visitors & the enchanted forests will set your soul in alignment with the nature! 儭

There is just so much to absorb & imbibe here, that just a-day can feel like a trip of a lifetime. I’m so much captivated by its beauty than I can practically write endlessly, but never mind! I spent about 24 hours in this place, and trust me this period was the most amusing of all my travels till now! Let’s begin this beautiful journey.

It was a Full-Family vacay & surprisingly we stayed at these camps in the Forest alongside River Ganga instead of hotels & it proved to be the best decision. The location was breathtaking & something you would only see in movies. I strongly recommend you to stay at camps which are not so pricey unlike the hotels, you won’t regret it!

We started our adventure by indulging in a 18KM River Rafting Experience. It was my first time rafting & it was SO much fun. Whenever you’re in rishikesh River Rafting is a Must-Do. It takes about 2-3 hours only. Later you can explore the Hindu mythology by visiting some local sights like Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Rishikesh Gurudwara.

P.S. – I also Celebrated Holi with my family alongside Ganga & it was a unique & incredible experience! #Loved it

Later in the evening, we all enjoyed the bonfire in the forest. This kind of a feeling is something you can never acquire in a hotel.

The next day, while returning to Delhi, you’ll find Neer Falls on the way and you MUST ( can’t stress enough on it ) visit it! And OMG, you’ll literally be Wow-ed Away by it’s beauty that unravels itself in front of you. Dive into the waterfall pool or just enjoy maggi sitting in the falls. Something you’ll definitely regret missing on! You can literally identify the happiness from my face 綽

There are so much more activities for the brave hearted that I couldn’t do because of time limit. Bungee Jumping ( something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now ) It’s the highest in India (what more can you ask for). And there are many more of these, because of which I’ll be visiting Rishikesh again.

Overall it was a perfect, Relaxing & Full of Adventure Getaway to the foothills of Himalayas! Amazing Views, photogenic Locations & Surreal at the same time! And I’m extremely grateful for this trip. Lemme know if you plan on visiting Rishikesh, I’ll provide you with all the Details.

For now,

Au Revoir Do comment & Like, I always love reading your views & thoughts about it 儭 There’s always chance for improvement

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The Dream Destination 

‘Traveling is about finding things you were never looking for

‘Wherever You Go it becomes a Part of you Somehow And it is unquestionably true for Kerala because you are never going to forget about the beauty of this Place ever in your life! From The luscious & Mind blowing Mountains to the Gorgeous & Bluest Seas This place has it all!

I honestly felt that I was a Part of a Bollywood movie coz you only see such pure beauty in movies. If youve ever been to Kerala then you definitely know what Im talking about. If not, then I couldnt insist you enough to take an escape to this serenity!

It is a tropical Paradise of waving palms & wide sandy beaches. And the best part is when the sky is blue (which is all the time, literally) you cannot take your eyes off this breathtaking Blue-Green Vibrancy And unlike Tollywood films, Keralites are the most Humble & Grounded People you might Find in India!

These are a few places I visited in Kerala & strongly recommend you to see for once in your life!

Munnar – Dotted with tea Plantations and the View is Fabulous. It is something I cant really write about so just see these pictures

Take a Jeep ride (Bumpiest Ever) to Kerala-Tamil Nadu Border and you will find yourself between the clouds. For Sporty people, you can trek up to a mountain as well & its deadly!

You can do various other things like visit the wildlife sanctuary, check the botanical garden which is breathtakingly beautiful, Ride a Speed boat in Mattupetty Dam, Go for a elephant Ride or just click endless photos in tea gardens!

I strongly recommend getting a full body Ayurvedic Massage which is quite popular in this region. Dont forget to watch the Kathakali show. These are experience of a lifetime!

Alleppey – Book a Houseboat in Backwaters and sit back & relax. You will be spellbound with all that beauty you see. Peaceful, vivacious & Rejuvenating! Thats all I could think off. Dont forget to try the Titanic Pose in front of the Boat! 予予予

Now its my Favorite Part

Oh, the Beaches, Blue Sky, white enormous clouds, Sunny weather, Green-Blue ocean, Finest sands & a View to die for! I can surely say this just might be the best beach in India! I cant explain any further just look below

The only part where you might feel a bit restless can be traveling since the routes are never-ending & super-long. Also the food can be unsatisfying at times. But you can have coconut water & fruits literally all over the place!

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Until Next time 歹

Au Revoir

Winter Wonderland 儭

Life is Beautifully Ugly, Marvellously Horrendous & Lovingly Cruel!

The Best Thing you can do for yourself on this New Year is to treat yourself by Travelling to a place youve never been before! It will recharge you to take on 2018 by prepping your vibe! Recently, Ive been to Dalhousie for a couple of Days & I tell you its one of the best trips Ive had in 2017.

The Mesmerizing Views, Breathtaking valleys & Snow covered Mountains, I literally wanted to settle there forever! You wouldnt want to miss those Damn-Gorgeous & Vibrant Sunsets for anything in the world!

My 2017 couldnt have a better ending than this! Im so grateful to everyone who made this trip happen & happen so wonderfully!

This time I wont speak about it much but let you have a peek at my memorable Adventure! 歹

I wish each one of you have a Tremendously Exciting 2018

Be Humble.

Stay Strong.


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My Way To A Fit Lifestyle領儭返鳶

Make your body the Sexiest Outfit you OWN! 返領歹

Hey My Lovely Readers,

This time I wanted to write about my life a bit & something that everyone can relate to so chose to go with my Fitness Routine! Let me just put this straight that this is what I do on a daily basis & this blog is not to offend anyone on the basis of Their size or Weight! Everyone is Perfect & Beautiful just the way they are! 領儭

I believe that eating healthy, exercising is just a way of life, it shouldnt act as a burden on anyone since youve only got this life once. Being thin dont dictate that youre fit! Health has nothing to do with your size, its a state of well-being in all areas of life.

These are some facts that you should know about me before reading further:-鳶

  1. I love my body, the way it is! I just practice to make it better everyday.
  2. I dont Diet, I just eat according to my goals! 返
  3. I dont workout on a daily basis.
  4. I dont have a perfect figure or weight.歹
  5. Im a really moody person & a foodie so I eat whatever I feel like!

So now you know about me a bit, lets jump into the interesting part

  • I start each day by drinking lots of water, I usually keep a bottle beside my bed to cure my thirst in the morning! Doing this helps to speed up my metabolism & eradicate all the toxins that gathered while I slept.

Did you know? That from 11PM- 3AM your body assimilate everything youve eaten throughout the day! So that means if you sleep late then your body slows its metabolism! Hence leading to constipation & weight Gain!

  • Then the next thing I do before brushing my teeth is that I make a warm cup of Jeera Water with added Lemon juice & Ginger! Doing this on a regular basis is going to prevent constipation, it speeds up your metabolism & cuts of those extra pounds in the morning!

I believe that if you have a high metabolic rate, then everything you eat can be disgested easily. I dont have a high metabolism by genetics so I do the this:-

  1. I have lots of fruits everyday. I love fruits! It enriches your body with all the essential Vitamins & minerals.
  2. I make Detox water every morning for my whole day. Its nothing but a bottle of water & any fruits I have at hand. Like Lemon+cucumber +mint or strawberry+lemon+apple+mint. You can find many others on the net. This fruits infused water is delicious, healthy & detoxifying!
  3. Have a protein rich diet. I love having eggs for snacks or Lunch! If your vegetarian then you can include soyabean/Tofu in your diet! 喫
  4. I practice Yoga every morning! It speeds up ur blood circulation & gets ur mind in control for the day. 領儭
  5. I make it a point to have at least 2-3 cups of green tea. And I love the spearmint flavored one from Twinnings!

Pro Tip If you want to lose weight then adding lemons to ur diet can help to shed of those extra pounds. Drink cold water so your cells can workout (even if you dont! ) to get it back to a normal temperature, thus burning extra calories! Drink lots of water. And most importantly, Remember You dont have to eat less, you have to eat right!

P.S. If youre dealing with any stress/Anxiety/Depressive issue in your life lately, like a breakup or any family problem that youre frustrated from, just put some EDM & go for a run or workout! I can guarantee you, you will feel proud, satisfied & Happie from the inside! 攻領儭

And at the end if you ask me that from where am I going to get the motivation for doing this? Well you see, Motivation comes from looking at the things you want & realizing what it takes to achieve them! And its your Body, and you have to love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle! 休領儭

Remember No one Cares, Untill You Do!

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Until next Time,

Be Productive & make yourself Proud

The Rejuvenation Road 鳶

Traveling – it leaves you Speechless & then turn you into a storyteller!

Hey Guys

Im back with another Blog, this time is Travelll Since Ive been Really Busy lately due to my college & shows, I havent been able to write my blog but finally I decided to keep pace with it! Okay so coming back to this blog, I tried to attempt writing a travel blog this time on my Recent Trip to Nainital! Since its my first time on a Travel Blog, I would love to hear your views on it! So without further ado lets get into this!

If youre a fan of nature then this place is your perfect holiday destination & I got a really very Affordable package from the Travel Company I just joined. What could be better! Ive been to Nainital before but wasnt pretty amazed until now, Reason being the clear blue skies, the Autumn- Winter Chilly weather, the clean & Refreshing Air unlike Delhi! And I didnt want to come back at the end of the trip. 

Ive listed here the Must-Do stuff when You visit Nainital & I strongly Recommend each one of them! Check em Out

1. If youre a Die-Hard Fan of Non-Veg like Im then you shouldnt miss out on the Machaan Restaurant! It Provides Great Quality food with Amazing View! What more can one ask for

If youre a Vegetarian, then you should definitely try Shiva Restaurant. Its Famous, Delicious & have a Pleasant environment! 

Also Both of these are on Mall Road so you wont be perplexed while searching for them 氣

2. Be A Bird Adventurous or Not, one must surely go for Paragliding, its absolutely wonderful to see the Green & lush valleys of Bhimtal from the sky! But dont worry its safe & you will enjoy it for sure! Other places you can visit are the Nainital Zoo, The Himalayan Botanical Garden & the various other Tals.
3. Wake up Early & you can easily see the Himalayan Peaks! And I assure you, you wouldnt want to miss it! 儭

4. Really Tired of your Regular busy life, Chill Out & Relax on a Pleasurable Boat ride in Naini Lake! Its affordable & provides you with peace youve been looking for  

Do have a look of my photography Skills 鳶

A three day trip would be Perfect for your rejuvenation from the Basic Life! Its a perfect Getaway for the weekend! Just dont forget your woollens! 

Let me know in the comments section on how you feel about this blog! I would really love to read ur views

Until Next time

Have a Great Day People

The Dynamic Hue 

Its been said that People who wear black outfits, lead the most colorful lives!

Hey Guys,

Sophistication, Power, Drama, Elegance綽, Formality, mystery, sexy – all of these adjectives including many more defines BLACK. Black is Beautiful regardless its the complexion of a person or a garment! Black has always been understated but regarded to be unique in its own ways. Its celebrated as gothicism & a Wardrobe Staple. Its authoritative & Powerful essence dominates all the other pigments of nature.

After Being away from blogging for quite a lot of time, For this blog Ive put together two of my favorite garments from the recent E-commerce shoot Ive done for TheModa. They are Beautiful, Elegant & Perfectly Defines the Persona of Black Colour. Nothing can actually go Wrong with wearing black, it turns our inner selves to a Confident & Bold Women whos ready to take over the World! 歹手歹 

  • Black-Copper Flared Gown with side Slits

  • Black Pique grilled wide pants with black Bandeau Cut Crop-Top

Check out the full Collection at themoda.co.in 伐

Styled by the talented Tanishq Malhotra from Stylattire Consultancy

Makeup & Hair by Neha Lakhani

Do let me know of what you feel about this piece of my creation in the comments section below! I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts about it!

Signing Off for Now!

Much love to all my readers

The Magical Phulkari 

Life is about being a Versatile Athlete & training in all realms of life

Hola Peeps

         Yet again I’m back with something new and fresh. This time I have tried to style the Desi Phulkari Dupatta into some beautiful pieces of my outfit. For those of you who don’t know what a Phulkari Dupatta is – it literally means floral Embroidery on a monotone Dupatta. 惹ince the Festival season is Just around the Corner, so why not innovate the Traditional & Bring out the Diva 伐

Soooo without further ado, let’s jump into it!

  •  The Desi Sherni 

Nothing can beat the traditional way of styling a Phulkari! If you’re feeling a bit of filmy, this look can take care of all the Bollywood vibes in you. I paired an all white Patiala Suit with the Ever stunning Phulkari & a pair of Punjabi Juttis! To finish the look I went with nude eyes, Bold lips & a pair of Long & Vibrant Earrings And VOILA! Be the Simran of your own DDLJ

  • The side slit skirt

Convert this gorgeous Phulkari into a side slit skirt to show some of your sexy legs! Secure your skirt using safety pins or Bobby pins & make sure your slit has a proper Exposure. Completing the look with a basic White Ganjee or just whatever you like, it’s really up to your personal Style. Add a dash of gold & Some Heels & You’re ready to rock the Festive Season

  • The Royal Feels  

This one is my personal favorite coz it’s so versatile & Bold just the way I like it! Transform this Lovely Dupatta into a Back less Top by Securing the ends with a knot & it’s Seamless. Pair it up with Haram Pants or just a regular patiala salwar like I did. Babe, just don’t forget your confidence

I truly hope that you guys found this blog helpful & unique! Lemme know in the comments below. Make sure to follow me on Insta & Snapchat to check out more about me! 

Until Next time! You Go Girl

Loads of love coming your way

Fresher’s Fantasy

‘Every inch of you is PERFECT from the bottom to the top!’ -Meghan Trainor (All about that bass) 伐

Hola People,

I hope you’re all doing wonderful. Firstly before beginning with my blog today, I would love to appreciate & Thank you guys for immense amount of support & Love I recieved. So Thank you very much!

So back to the blog, I thought to keep up with the seasons trend that’s so talked about. FRESHERS PARTY! Well we all have that time where we feel so perplexed about what to wear on the first Party of our new life. So don’t worry coz I’ve put together some beautifully amazing outfit ideas for you!

1. The Vibrant Beauty  
People who love to go hard on colors & can wear the rainbow without second thoughts, This look is absolutely for you! For this outfit I collaborated a bright & colorfilled jumpsuit with golden heels & silver leaf shaped earrings! Go light & soft with the eyes & add a little swatch of bright lipstick & you’re all done! Voila! 

  2. The Boho Babe 潃儭 

Want to go for something bold, beautiful & Evergreen?! Then this is perfect for you because Bohomenian style never goes out of style. Multiple of layers of jewellery paired up with basic white, Printed & flowy dress and a pair of brown boots will complete your look. Go easy on your hair & let it flow naturally! Don’t forget to enjoy the Moment! 


 3. The Two Piece
No, it ain’t bikini! Just a beautiful beaded crop top paired with stripped pencil skirt with a side slit & again the magical golden heels & some big jewellery pieces. Just add a floral bomber jacket like I did to tone down the look a little! It’s perfect for a curvy body to shape your beautiful curves! Don’t forget your sparkle babe!

 4. The Showstopper

Feeling Glamourous Darling! Well, I got your back. Go all shiny & shimmery with this stunning silver dress. You can’t say no to glitz & Glamour. Rock this look with a pair of bold & black high heels and a pop of color by Red Sexy Lips! Pair it up with a black belt to add a little more Drama to the dress! You’re done Love! 

At the End, Just wear what feels like YOU, because you define your style! Have a Memorable & Glorious Freshers! 歹

Camera- Nikon B700

Sending Love your way!!!

Keeping it Casual 

Elegance : It’s not about Dressing up for People Everyday, it’s about loving yourself & Appreciating it with Style

Hey Guys!  

I Hope my Readers are doing Absolutely Amazing. I’ve been meaning to start a blog since a long time & finally here is my first Post. Since it’s my new step towards exploring my horizons I wanted to start with something Basic yet Trendy. So let’s begin Blogging! I’m super excited now

So I wore this super cute Striped Shirt dress with this beautiful embroidered floral pattern. I’m a sucker for patterns & this stripped one is my favorite because it’s so In right now. The floral embroidery adds the pop of color & dimension the dress requires. To complete this look I went for these golden, metallic & trendy Heeled shoes that complements the dress perfectly. For accessories, I added a gold watch & a beautiful pair of golden earrings to go with the shoes & add a contrast of colors. I also added golden reflectors to my look just to enhance the outfit.

This Basic yet Fun outfit is perfect for a casual day out with your girlfriends or a Lunch date. For a little more peppiness I accompanied a denim jacket to tie it to my waist. It gives you a better & defined fit. For a Boho look, you can go for a pair of brown boots & feather earrings. This look is absolutely trendy & perfect according to this season’s trend.

I hope you enjoyed reading. See the pictures for more!

I would love to hear your thoughts about my blog. Do comment & let me know what do you think!

Location :- Hauz Khas Fort 

Camera :- IPhone 7 Plus